Frequently Asked Questions

Plug the charger into the charging port on the front of the control panel then plug in to a 110VAC power outlet. when the batteries are fully charged the LED Light will change from Orange to Green.

The Sandhopper is water resistant You can hose down the deck and under carriage. Do not wash the front panel directly with a hose. Clean only with a damp cloth. and dry as soon as possible.
Wheeleez ballon tires must NOT be over inflated. MAX is 4 PSI.OVER INFLATING will damage the wheeleez wheel. Milton Makes a 0-15 PSI tire pressure gauge.
The Sandhopper is supplied with a high performance 24 V 3.5 Amp batter charger. Plug the charger into the charging port on the front of the control panel then plug in to a 110VAC power outlet. When the batteries are fully charged the LED Light will change from Orange to Green.
On the vertical posts there is a snap pin button to release the rails form the cut out of the deck.
Depending on the model weight range will vary from 300-1500 LBS
The batteries are located under the front wheel drive frame. disconnect the battery connector. Remove the battery straps and slide out the batteries.
The Sandhopper is water resistant to splashes and light rain.

Sandhopper Support

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For support documentations, references and warranty info checkout the links in this section for any questions, help or support we invite you to give us a call at 714-697-3720 or simply fill out the form below.

Further Support & Safe Operations

1) To charge the wagon make sure the wagon is in the off position (key switch) then plug the XLR PLUG  of the charger first on the control panel of the wagon then plug it in the wall socket. When it is charging the light will glow RED and when it is fully charged it will glow GREEN.
Always disconnect the plugs from the connector itself NOT FROM THE WIRE.
You shouldn’t need to charge it for more than 24 hrs. Do not to let the batteries go below 50%.
2) There is a switch that makes the wagon go forward in the UP position and in the LOWER position is reverse
On the MIDDLE position is neutral so you can move the wagon around easily.
(OLD Style HALL thumb throttle)
3) On the handle you have a brake and the speed controller. There is also a display with three LEDS that indicates…
(RED) the power is on.
(GREEN) is full charge.
(YELLOW) battery is low needs to be charged.
On the handle there is a switch that will change the direction of the wagon 
On the control panel there is a HIGH speed and LOW speed switch
Up is High speed Down is LOW Speed 
4) Always remember to REMOVE THE KEY SO THE KIDS DON’T TAKE OF WITH THE WAGON. You can also put it in neutral for extra safety.
5) Try to keep the handle from hitting the ground and out of the sand there is a magnet in the speed throttle and it may attract ferrite from the sand and may cause the controller to not function correctly. It can be cleaned with compressed air.
6) The chain drive is a standard bike chain that can be cleaned with the same stuff that you use for bicycles.
Don’t use WD40, sand sticks to the chain and makes it worse. You can use chain wax (whitelightning) brand to lube the chain.
Local bike shops have the supplies.
Riding in the Sandhopper can be a hazardous activity.
DO not operate the Sandhopper while sitting in it.
Certain conditions may cause the equipment to fail without fault of the manufacturer.
Like other wheeled products, the Sandhopper can and is intended to move, and it is therefore possible to lose control, and/or get into dangerous situations that no amount of care, instruction or expertise can eliminate. 
If such things occur, you or others can be seriously injured or die, even when using safety equipment and other precautions. 
This manual contains many warnings and cautions concerning the consequences of failing to maintain, inspect or properly use your Sandhopper.
Because any incident can result in serious injury or even death, we do not repeat the warning of potential serious injury or death each time such a possibility is mentioned.
Direct adult supervision is required at all times. 
This manual contains important safety information.
It is your responsibility to review this information and make sure that all operators and children obey all warnings, cautions, instructions and safety topics and assure that operators are able to safely use this product.
We recommend that you periodically review and reinforce the information in this manual and that you inspect and maintain your Sandhopper to insure your and others safety.
Any children and adults should not attempt to ride it.
A parent’s decision to allow his or her child to ride in this product assumes full responsibility and releases liability to the manufacture and or distributer of the Sandhopper cart. 
Refer to the section on safety for additional warnings.
Direct parental supervision is required. The Sandhopper is meant to be used only in controlled environments free of potential traffic hazards and not on public streets. 
Do not allow your child to ride in the Sandhopper in any areas where vehicle traffic is present.
Never use near steps, sloped driveways, hills, roadways, alleys or swimming pool areas.
Do not operate the Sandhopper in wet weather.
The Sandhopper is intended for use on solid, flat, clean and dry surfaces such as pavement, beaches or level ground. Wet, slick or uneven and rough surfaces may impair traction and contribute to possible accidents.
 Do not operate in mud, ice, puddles or water. 
Avoid excessive speeds that can be associated with downhill travel.
Never risk damaging surfaces such as carpet or flooring by using the Sandhopper indoors.
Do not ride or use at night or when visibility is impaired.
The charger supplied with the Electric Wagon should be regularly examined for damage to the cord, plug, enclosure and other parts, and in the event of such damage, the batteries must not be charged until the charger has been repaired or replaced.
Use only with the recommended charger.
The charger is not a toy.
Always disconnect the Sandhopper from the charger prior to wiping it down). 
Contains sealed lead acid battery. Battery must be recycled.
Your Sandhopper uses a sealed Lead Acid battery. Replacement batteries like it are readily available. Batteries should always be recycled Please contact your local city for an appropriate disposal center. 
Your Sandhopper has a limited 6 month warranty. See your warranty information card for more details or contact your authorized retailer for additional details.  Don’t forget to register your purchase in order to validate your warranty. Warranty may be void if not properly registered with the manufacturer.

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