Sand color 24"X48"Sand color 24"X48"

Build Your Ultimate Sandhopper

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This battery-powered wagon is fully motorized and features a variable speed control (0-4 MPH), forward and reverse switch is conveniently located on the specially designed steering handle. Also features an automatic brake system.

Use the options below to configure and build your Ultimate Sandhopper Wagon. When complete, add your Ultimate Sandhopper Wagon to your cart checkout and place your order.

If you have any questions or need help building your Sandhopper wagon, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 714-697-3720 or send us a message here.

Information on battery distances: Battery distances will vary depending on terrain, incline and load. The SANDHOPPER uses a 24VDC electrical system.

  • AGM Batteries 300-500 charge cycles 3.5 amp charger included
  • LiFePO4 Batteries 4000+ charge cycles
  • LiFePo4 Batteries include a 3.5 or 5.0 amp charger.

Battery weights are listed here: 22ah 26 lbs, 35ah 45 lbs, 55ah 80 lbs, 30ah 14 lbs, 50ahBB 31 lbs, 50AH 29lbs.


Rail system LOCK in Place and are REMOVABLE

Distances vary on terrain, incline and load.
Battery charger included on all Sandhopper models.

Fishing Rod holes 10 Max


24″Wide 16″Deep 16″High cooler with handles and wheels
CERWIN VEGA Stereo speakers, Lithium rechargeable batteries and Removable Blender

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The new Sandhopper is an electric beach wagon. This battery-powered wagon is fully motorized and features a variable forward and reverse speed throttle (0-4 MPH). Both conveniently located on the specially designed steering handle. They can be equipped with 12″ or 16” Wheeleez low-pressure tires, which are known to be the ultimate tires for beach sand use. We also have  15″ Turf tires for hard-packed surfaces or nonbeach use. Golf cartwheels are also available on special orders only (For special orders please contact us by phone: 714-697-3720 or send us a message here.) The Sandhopper has a standard range of 3-4 miles on a full charge with the included 24 volt 22 AH battery (charger included as well). We also have optional 35AH batteries to more than double your range depending on grades and terrain.

The Sandhopper is the ideal tool for families  (especially young children, special needs, and senior members) to take their equipment to the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air at the beach, which was next to impossible in the past. Full line of accessories to accommodate those families to make their adventures much more pleasant and enjoyable. It is also ideal for resorts located on the beachfront, allowing them to make 1 or 2 trips to bring beach equipment, drinks, and food to the beachfront, instead of having to go back and forth numerous times.

Besides being the best electric beach wagon in the World, it can also easily go over steep hills, ramps, and rough terrain.
The all aluminum-built cart is Made in the USA and comes standard with a sand color powder coat finish deck, silver uprights, and black rails. Special custom colors for the deck and rails include Black, Blue, or Red, (delays lead time to 1 week instead of 3 days).
Motor Specs: Sealed water-resistant Motor, 19.75:1 Ratio, 24 Volt Please Note: All accessories will come in either black or sand color and special order to match the deck color. With the Sandhopper getting all your stuff to the beach will actually be something to look forward to.  Be the envy of all beachgoers with this amazing cart, Beef it up with some value-added accessories to make it even more unbelievable.

Families and beach resorts have been using the Sandhopper beach wagons in southern California for the past 16 years.
Now we are proud to offer it on the web, so you too can enjoy it, wherever you are!

On the control panel of the High-performance Sandhopper, there is a toggle switch that can control the minimum and maximum speed of the Sandhopper. 
We use a digital programable motor controller to maximize safety performance and durability. (90Amp standard upgradeable to 180 amps). The braking system includes a brake handle that can apply the brakes to the rear wheels and can be used as a parking brake. The controller also has a feature to apply the brakes electronically to the rear wheels via the high-performance drive motor, as the wagon slows down it also regenerates the batteries to maximize the range of the Sandhopper. This setup is great for customers that go down steep hills and want maximum control of the wagon.

Make sure to have a look at the Detailed Images up on top, to see the full line of available add-ons. LED display battery level indicator on the control panel. Forward reverse on the handle. On the front control panel, there is a key switch, included. Hi-speed low-speed switch on the control panel. Optional Dual USB Ports. USB C & 3.0 Amp each.
Charging port for the included home charger and optional solar charger.
​Rear-wheel stainless steel disk brake to control your downhill speed. A regenerative braking system adds life to your battery power. Side rails are all independently removable and are very resistant to deformation. All aluminum Unibody deck is protected by powder-coated paint. Undercarriage Is also powder-coated to protect from the salt air. The total width of the Sandhopper is also dependent on the wheel type and size but they all can go through a 34-inch doorway. Inside Usable Dimensions of platform 22″ wide x 46″ long (on the 24×48 deck). Only 1 weld on the complete wagon, what that means, is all the parts are serviceable and replaceable.

Years of perfecting the design to make the perfect wagon that will last for many years of usage in harsh environments.

Ships fully assembled.

See Sandhopper Configurations & Available Accessories

5 reviews for Build Your Ultimate Sandhopper

  1. Scott

    I love my Sandhopper Wagon

  2. Neil G

    Going to the beach with my family has never been easier, I love my Sandhopper wagon.

  3. George

    Wow what an amazing product I wish I had this years ago.

  4. Judy Kidd

    This has been a lifesaver!! We can haul 3 umbrellas, 8 beach chairs, 5 boogie boards, 1 paddle board, multiple buckets, shovels and toys on this with no effort on a wide beach!! Highly recommend!!

  5. Sam (verified owner)

    Proud owner of 5 sandhoppers for commercial use. Our business could not function without them. Cheers to the sandhopper community!

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